Week 13 Updates

Week 13 Charts, followed by an early proposal for next year’s Constitution vote:

I have been trying to get a projection going for the consolation bracket and can’t figure out the formulas exactly right, but this is a close representation of your shot at making some kind of postseason tourney:


Budget Proposal

We currently have three different budgets in our league: A draft budget ($200), a FAAB ($100 + leftover draft dollars), and a keeper budget ($50). I’d like to tie them together.

Proposal: Change the base FAAB and tie together our FAAB, Keeper and Draft budgets. This change would be three parts:

  1. Lower our base FAAB budget to $50
  2. Remove the keeper budget and instead use your leftover FAAB from the prior year
  3. Remove the limit on individual keeper values

To get into a little more detail, here’s the timeline of what I’m proposing: Starting in the 2018 season, we change our base FAAB to $50 (and continue to include your leftover draft dollars in it), with the big change being that we’ll use the leftover FAAB as your keeper budget for the next offseason (summer of 2019).

What you use out of your keeper budget would still come out of your draft budget just like today, so if you have a $60 FAAB at the end of the season, and keep $60 in players, you’d start the draft with $140, and any leftover money from the draft would get rolled into your new FAAB.

Making this change will increase the ability for teams to actually have a long term strategy in this league. I like that our leftover draft dollars can be added to the FAAB, but then in the season there’s little to no strategy on how to craft bids on players. Not only will his change create a more competitive waiver wire, FAAB can be a viable trade piece throughout the year. If you’re gunning for the wild card spot, do you risk a $10 bid on a major free agent? When do you decide you’re out of contention and stop using your FAAB so you can try to keep two halfway-decent players the next year?

People get frustrated with our keeper rule as it currently stands, so now you would have some flexibility within the system to operate how you’d like. If you want to be able to keep all your favorite players, you have to do some planning and make sure you will have the keeper budget to do so. And my personal opinion is that this would have an added benefit of more top tier players being available in the draft. Most of us are fairly active bidders, so it would take trades or missing out on free agents in order to keep your whole budget intact for the next offseason. And better players in the draft makes a more interesting draft.

I also want to remove the individual player cap, because it disproportionately helps owners that are lucky enough to have the one or two players that still have keeper values above $50. This amounts to being an extra discount on top of the 20% already factored in.



Change To

FAAB = $100 + leftover draft dollars

FAAB = $50 + leftover draft dollars

Keeper Budget = $50

Keeper Budget = FAAB

Keepers capped at $50


Week 12 Updates

Week 12 charts are below.

One thing I wanted to note beforehand is that the trade deadline is this Saturday. I will be around, so if there is something you want me to look at and approve just text me so I’m aware.

Couple thoughts on the charts:

  • Morrow continues his ascent, win streak currently at 8.
  • I’m not sure Joe is actually at 100% playoff odds. I run 5000 simulations of the rest of the season, so I think he might just be 5001:1 odds of missing. Someone who knows the tiebreakers better than me (Scott) will probably be able to answer for sure.

This week’s premier matchup is between Beets and Abe. If Beets wins, he pretty much locks up a playoff spot (Scott, correct me if I’m wrong)

Wanted to thank Wells again for getting the trophy figured out. It came with 24 years of winner name plates, when I sent over the list of the past winners I was pretty embarrassed typing out the same names over and over. For as competitive a league as we have I can’t believe there are only three different winners

EXECUTIVE ORDER: $5 next year for payment of the trophy, your only way out of this is if you quit the league after this year. We’ll have a $55 buy in next year. Also, upcoming Constitution proposal alert: 12th place has to pay for shipping for the winner to send it off. I will send it this year after I get a new nameplate, but in future years I think this would be a good last-place punishment